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Brian J. Peters, Ed.D., M.S.S.A., PCC has 30 years of experience working as an executive coach, consultant, instructor, and counselor with private industry, federal agencies, non-profits, universities, and healthcare organizations. In his own leadership roles, Brian has served on private and non-profit boards and held Executive Management/Officer-level positions in international management consulting and research firms. In these roles, he managed portfolios and business development pipelines ranging from $5M to over $100M.

Brian was trained as a Certified Executive Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) approved Georgetown University Center for Transformational Leadership.  He was also trained as a Federal Workplace Mediator at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Brian has been an avid collector of vintage, racing, and exotic cars for 30 years.  His cars regularly win awards and are the subject of articles. After a rewarding career directing businesses, Brian decided to integrate his expertise in developing leaders and his passion of automobiles - This is Cars & Coaching.



As an executive coach and business adviser, Brian recognizes that individuals who are in executive, managerial, and supervisory roles provide direction and vision, set the tone for the organization, and influence the strategic direction of the organization along with the general satisfaction level of employees. The coaching services that Brian provides for leaders are designed to help them develop and fine-tune their leadership skills to maintain high performance. His underlying coaching philosophy is realistic, practical and results oriented. Brian recognizes that a leader’s time is valuable, and hence his coaching programs are concise and focused on helping acquire leadership knowledge and skills linking goals to organizational priorities. 

Trained as a doctoral-level psychologist, he is known for integrating the research-based concepts of mindfulness and resilience into his leadership development programs. Brian has assisted in leading a team in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania on a number of resilience projects within the United States and across the globe. A resilient leader is defined as one who "deals effectively with pressure; remains optimistic and persistent; and even under adversity, recovers quickly from setbacks." Research has found a resilient thinking style to be the greatest predictor of executive success.

Why Cars & Coaching?


Brilliant leaders like Elon Musk of Tesla have stressed that business and life coaches have been critical to their success and happiness.  Whether you are seeking to be a better leader, build your business, or obtain a higher level of well-being and satisfaction, Brian will partner with you to develop your skills, rediscover your passion, develop a plan with goals and milestones.  

Brian believes that success as a leader along with general well-being and satisfaction with life are intrinsically linked.  He looks at the whole person and coaching plans will inevitably include health habits, psychological resilience, and personal branding.

Clients have the option of selecting cars from the Cars & Coaching Collection for fast-paced sessions on the open road.


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